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Prevent fraud at your home depot bowser.

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Why do I need to manage my home depot bowser?

Keyfleet Management System’s newly developed Point Of sale (POS) system is the first of its kind in Africa. Our POS units allow transactions to be captured at the site. You can also register your bowser dip- and fuel pump readings on the POS unit.

Paper transactions can be manipulated easily. Keyfleet’s transactions are immediately checked for exceptions and displayed live within the Keyfleet Site Management Module – preventing theft of fuel bought in large quantities.

No Paperwork
  • Eliminates duplication and human error
  • Unique fuel slip automatically generated as official source document
Real-time Reports
  • View fuel transactions live
  • Reconcile stock in seconds
  • Exception reports

Choose the best site management solution for your business:

Keyfleet POS Unit System
Basic Package
  • Specially designed Point Of Sale Unit
  • Manually capture transactions as they take place at the bowser
Keyfleet Pump Control System
Premium Package
  • Prevents fraud through full automation
  • Identify the vehicle and driver with RFID-technology
  • Switch fuel pump on automatically with pump controller

Compare our site management solutions:

Basic PackagePremium Package
POS Unit IncludedIncluded
RFID EnabledIncludedIncluded
Pump ControllerNot IncludedIncluded
Protective POS Unit CaseNot IncludedIncluded
Pump ReadingsManual EntryAutomatic
Transactions CapturedManual EntryAutomatic

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