The Importance of an Integrated Asset Register

Fleet management? There are so many systems and solutions in the market that it can be overwhelming to decide which system to use.

Satellite tracking companies “hijacked” the concept of fleet management in the mid 80’s. Let us prioritise the modules required to build a complete and structured fleet management solution.

Asset Register

Make sure that the system has a sound asset register module. This is non-negotiable. As soon as you split your register into separate sheets, you are doing something wrong. Your system should group your assets into whatever group, description or capacity you may require.

In your company, there should be a maximum of two asset registers: one register in your financial system and one in your operational system. These registers should be linked and synchronized as close to real-time as possible. If you have multiple registers (one in workshop, another for your schedules, perhaps one linking your drivers against the vehicles or one for your fuel management), you need to reconsider your options and processes.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to maintain a single asset register from which you can build and link all your other fleet management processes.

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