Diesel Prices in December: Positive News This Holiday Season

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After months of steadily rising diesel prices, some relief is expected in December. However, petrol will still see a slight increase.

Expected Price Increase

The Central Energy Fund’s monthly data show that the price of 95 Unleaded petrol is expected to go up by around 27 cents per gallon, while 93 Unleaded petrol is expected to increase by 18 cents. On the other hand, the wholesale price of 50 ppm diesel is expected to drop by around R1.66 for 500 ppm and 50 ppm.

These are the estimates based on unaudited data, and the official prices of the products have not been released by the Department of Energy.

Going Forward

The AA is pleased to report that the lower oil prices are expected to translate into lower petrol and diesel prices in January. However, this is a big if, as the rand’s positive movement could also boost the consumer’s confidence.

“Despite the reduction in the number of initiatives aimed at addressing the rising fuel costs, we will continue to urge the government to revisit the fuel pricing structure to find more long-term solutions.

The AA believes that the government should conduct a comprehensive review of the fuel price to ensure that the product’s various components are still relevant. This review should also look into the accuracy of the calculations used to calculate the fuel price. As previously stated, the review should be carried out in order to find sustainable solutions.

Rebates Available Now

Transporters or companies with fleets can take advantage of rebated diesel rates in South Africa. Join the Keyfleet Fuel Network to save up to R2,42 per litre on all diesel purchases.

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